Whatsapp jobs

Whatsapp job work is an easiest home based job ever. You can earn unlimited income simply by forwarding the ads through your mobile on whatsapp groups or to your contacts. viber, skype, wechat, lime, messanger, yahoo messanger, hangouts and other live chat apps. Simply forward the messages sent by us to your contacts and groups. We will provide you the message along with the images and advertisment graphics. Your job is simply to forward those messages. You can share and spread as much you can. Anyone can do this job. Let them may be student, housewife, retired person, unemployed, self employed or businessmen.


  • Smartphone
  • any internet data pack


500 rs.

Minimum 1000 posts in a month

Maximum 10000 posts in a month

50 paise per post (Indian members)

$0.25 for international members

Validity 3 months


2000 rs.

Minimum 500 posts in a month

Maximum 5000 posts in a month

2 rs per post (Indian members)

$1 for international members

Validity 11 months


  • We will provide you all ad material for whatsapp advertising jobs. 
  • You can spread or post these ads in any whatsapp group. 
  • Take screenshot of your posting or sharings and sent to us via email. 
  • You'll be paid for each ad share or ad post according to plan. You'll be paid on 10th to 15th in every month. 
  • Registration fee is non refundable. 
  • wrong ad post will not be paid.
  • For demo pls click here and for more terms and conditions click here
  • If you don't do or not able to post minimum posts in a month due to any reason then your account will be terminated.