Google adsense plans

Domain + Hosting for 1 year
Adsense pin   
Website with 10 pages
No customization
   10 keywords 
    Estimated monthly income INR 50000

Fee 10000 INR

Domain + Hosting for 1 year
Adsense pin
Website with 15 pages
    20 keywords
    Estimated monthly income INR 100000

Fee 18000 INR

Domain + Hosting for 1 year
Adsense pin
Website with 30 pages
    30 keywords
Estimated monthly income INR 200000   

Fee 30000 INR

Basic requirements for google adsense

  • To have an google Adsense Website, you should have the following things - 1. A Domain Name (Name of your site for ex., etc) 2. A WebHosting Service Provider (Server where you want to host your site) 
  •  Any of our package you take, you will get free domain registration of your choice & Free Hosting for one year. 
  • After 1 year you'll have to pay renewal charges, which will be $10 for domain name, & $2 just for web Hosting. So Here you save a huge amount. 
  • There are many people who promise you to give adsense sites of 25000 pages, but they will never give you free domain or hosting. Because for hosting 25000 pages you got to have a big web space and lot of expense. Another thing most of them will give you a sub domain instead of domain, which is against Adsense policy. So be careful about this. Here we are not hiding anything from you, because you should know all these to make huge income daily. So here completes the problem of getting a domain name and hosting service... its Free... 
  • Basic Package will take atleast 5-7 days from the day you make payment & select your domain name. In these 2-3 days will be taken for your Google Adsense Registration & rest of the days will be utilized in designing and uploading of your site & 1 day for final checking of your site before delivering it to you. 
  • Premium Customized Website will take atleast 5-10 days from the day you make payment & select your domain name. However it also depends on customization of your site as per your request. 
  • Professional Adsense Websites are complete ready made & fully professional Adsense site with search engine optimization. 
  • Every Month our Adsense experts make 30-50 professional Adsense websites with their own choice of domain name. 
  • These sites are ready to use with 50% Marketing already done. These professional Adsense websites will also start making huge online money from the very first day. It will take not more than 2-3 days for the website to be live, because everything is ready only adsense registration time will be counted. 
  • There is no comparison of our Professionally designed adsense websites with rest of the 2 packages or any other adsense site. 
  • you can do it simply visiting the site If any problem, we will do it for you with no charges. Another do not open an account before we say, because one person can open only one account in his/her name.
  • With your Google Adsense Account, you can link unlimited no. of Websites. Remember more websites more ads and more earning. you don't have to do any changes or you won't be asked to make any changes from our end. Everything will be done by our experts free of cost. All you have to do is daily check your google adsense account with huge earnings online. 
  • Google Adsense ads will appear on your website with in 24 hrs. google will take 24 hrs for account confirmation. 
  • Google Adsense Payments are delivered to you through EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer to Your Bank A/C) or Cheque, every month between 1st to 5th through DHL Express Courier Service. 
  • Your monthly payouts are calculated on the following things :- 1. No. of times your web page is opened. 2. No. of times Google Ads are clicked on your site. 3. No. of times Google Search Box has been used on your site. 
  • Google adsense Ads per click rate from $0.5 to $500+ per click. 
  • Now Adsense sites what we create for you is highly optimized with keywords to deliver each Ads with range of $5 to $500 per click. As per the Adsense policy, as soon as an amount of $10 is accumulated in your account, 
  • Google Adsense Team will send you a Adsense Postcard with 'PIN' no. which you have to input in your Google Adsense Account. They send this PIN just to verify that you are the right user of this account and also to verify your Address, so that when they send cheque's to you it should reach the right address. 
  • Daily Adsense Income Calculation - In the starting few day's, Let's assume daily your site has been opened 2000 to 5000 ( as per our free marketing), On an average daily your site is viewed 3500 times. Now even at the bottom, if we expect a 10% click on 3500 views, than it will be 350 clicks a day. Let's imagine on an average we are getting around $2 per click, than our daily earning will be 350 clicks x $2 = $700 daily. Now again you think its too much, let's take another minimum earning example below which we can't expect- Minimum view per day 1500 Average clicks per day 200 Average amount per click $1.25 Daily Income = 200 x $1.5 = $300 Daily Calculation we showed above is the minimum & in the starting few days only. 
  • Later on views, clicks and income everything will be much higher rates as described under each package. Monthly Adsense Income Calculation - As per the above daily calculations - 1. For daily income of $700, monthly income will be $700 x 30 days = $21,000 2. For daily income of $300, monthly income will be $300 x 30 days = $9,000 Next, your Adsense Cheque will be delivered to you only when your account reaches a minimum threshold of $100 in a particular month. If amount is less than $100 it will be carry forward to next month. However with our effort and highly optimized adsense site, you can expect $100 within 3-4 days only.