Gomoney Investment

GoMoney is an international commercial investment organization that collects, analyzes and processes information concerning the forex trades and market. The organization obtains profits by speculating in the forex trade market. The main feature of the GoMoney is a worldwide international network of agents that work currency trading worldwide. GoMoney gives you an opportunity to invest funds in fast growing company, under (Forex Trading Sector). With us, you can make 12% profit in 365 days (Short term plan) & 54% in 36 months (Long term plan) or much more staying with us until the end of 2015.


  • Anyone can invest minimum 2000 rs as principal amount in India. International members can invest minimum 100 usd or 100 euro.
  • Principal amount which you invest is fully refundable. 
  • You will get your profits on every month's 15th in your bank account or via cheque. 
  • You can withdraw invested amount at the end of investment period. 
  •  If you withdraw Principal amount before end of investment period there will be charge of 41% of the principal amount and your investment earning will stop on that date. 
  • A contract is included at the time of your registration on this site. Anyone can become an investor of GoMoney. We have 2 different type of plans : -

Short term investment plan of 1 year : - Short term plan is for small investor who wants to give a first try of small investment. This short term investment plan of 1 year will give you 1% monthly interest on your investments. Minimum investment required to get started is $155 or Rs.10000/-. In summary every month you will be getting an interest of 1% on your investment without doing any work. That means in 12 months, you will be getting 12% interest on your total investment. 

Long term investment plan of 3 year : - If you really want to make big money in a short time without doing a single work this is the bright plan and most popular investment we have. This investment plan will be 36 months. Minimum investment required to get started with this Investment plan is $310 USD or Rs.20000/-. You'll be getting 1.50% monthly interest on your total investment. That means every month you will be getting an interest of  1.50% on your investment without doing any work & at the end of the 36 months investment cycle you will earn around 54% of your total investment. 
  • You can change your plans by putting a simple request. 
  • If you want to add some funds in your account, Deposit funds will be added to principal amount. 
  • Withdrawal requests will be processed within 24 hours. 
  • Dividends are payments made by a corporation to its shareholders. But our members are not shareholders it mean we pay interest. 
  • We obtain additional funds for the same reason that ordinary corporations issue shares. If you have a million dollars you can earn fifteen thousand dollars in a day. We are the highest interest paying company on internet in the world. No one is giving 54% interest returns on your investment hence we need more investments.
  • Forex is a global currency exchange trading marketing running weekdays 24 hrs. We are giving opportunity to earn even if you are in sleep. But this doesn't mean anyone can earn from it. Lot of hard work, strategy and current market study is required. We have well experienced investment portfolio managers round the globe who invest our money in forex 24hrs. and giving guaranteed profit. However sometimes do happen that few agents ends the day in loss, but everyday is not the same. As specified above we have reserved funds for any type of bad days in future. We also give monthly withdrawals so that your investment will be safe. 
  • When you register, we provide you unique user id to you.  
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