easy typing jobs

Easy typing jobs

Today anyone can easily spend 5 - 20 Minutes a day to do the work. Easy typing  Job Work, is one of the latest in demand online Job work released by many companies. Our 10 Minute Job Work is for those you really want to make extra income in their spare time.


  • Basics of internet 
  • Computer 
  • Read, write and typing capability 


Fee 1500 rs or 46 USD

300 work files

20 rs per file (for indians)

2 usd per file (for international members)

6000 rs payout in a month

Contract 11 months


Fee 6000 rs or 180 USD

500 work files

100 rs per file (for indians)

10 usd per file (for international members)

50000 rs payout in a month

Contract 11 months


  • Each entry will be text matter of atleast 1-10 lines only in easy typing job. 
  • You will get all work instructions. There won't be any tables, special characters, symbols, images or anything. 
  • Every month you should atleast submit a minimum of 300 entries and maximum 3000 entries. 
  • If you submit less than 300 entries in a month, you will not be paid. 
  • No typing mistakes allowed. if you do, you will not eligible for any payment or work. You can't update any wrong entry. One person can take at the most 20 Accounts in his/her name.

Payment terms

  • payments will be made to only qualified clients by companies. 
  • You’ll get your payment only if you make no mistake. 
  • you will get your payments and next work within 7 days of your work submission, if your work is qualified. 
  • Disqualified or failed clients will not get any payment from us or from companies.
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